1. Golden hour in Cebu

    March 2014

  2. nessynessynessy:

    Plenty of fishes in the sea

    Moalboal & Oslob | March 2014

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  3. Lamma Island

    March 2014

  4. Under the sea, over the hills

    I wrote about this lovely, faraway island here: http://stachemagazine.com/issues/february-2014/

    Batanes | January 2014

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  5. The glorious chaos of Kathmandu

    January 2014

  6. That was a really good day for paragliding

    Pokhara | January 2014

  7. First sunrise of the year at Sarangkot. Happy 2014! Here’s to more adventure-filled days, lovely strangers to meet on the road, and countless moments of gratitude for having the chance to see the world. 

    January 2014

  8. When I first impulsively resolved to travel alone, putting on a brave face and throwing all my inhibitions outside the window, I sought refuge in Baguio. The foggy city has always had a soft spot in my heart; it’s a cradle of fond, childhood memories, of late night walks in Session Road, of the signature smell of ukay goods. As I grew up, year by year I saw the urban mountains flourish and lose it charm at the same time, however ironic that may seem. 

    Sometimes a home cease to feel anything like it - not a slow, painful demise but rather a silent surprise that hits you right in the face.

    December 2013

  9. The Gilis

    November 2013

  10. Somewhere beyond the sea

    October 2013